Frequently Asked Questions

What exactly is a knife subscription service?

A knife subscription service is a service which allows you to have professionally sharpened knives available anytime of the day without the hassle of waiting for deliveries! Once you are set up and running with our exclusive Mundial Smart Sharpening Machine, you are good to go. You will have sharp knives 24/7, whenever you need them and not when they are delivered! 

I’ve never heard of a knife service. Is this for real?

Yes! We broke the mold! Our long-time tradition as premier knife manufacturers allied with our utmost engineering expertise allowed us to develop a radically innovative concept. The Mundial SMARTKNIFE concept is a patented technology whereby our knives are fitted with an electronic TAG that communicates with our Sharpening Machine, allowing us to monitor which knife is being sharpened and charge you accordingly. We firmly believe that restaurant owners and managers should focus on what they do best and have always the best tools available when they need them, 24/7! 

Why would I use Mundial SMARTKNIVES?

Mundial is one of the best knives in the market according to studies conducted by CATRA. Mundial is one of the largest producers of professional knives in the World and holds an 65% market share in Brazil, which is the largest protein producer in the World. Our knives simply excel in quality and longevity. Rather than using cheap knives provided by rental services you can now enjoy the best in the business at a fraction of the total cost of ownership! The Mundial SMARTKNIVES subscription provides your kitchen with a full set of sharp knives for everyone to use. That way, you can rest assured that sharp knives are available for your entire crew, and they can focus on the food. 

Are these your knives or my knives?

The knives belong to Mundial SMARTKNIVES but you are free to use them until they wear out. But don’t worry, way before that we will ship you brand new knives so you don’t have to worry about ordering them, although you can! 

How can I contact a person at Mundial SMARTKNIVES?

Call us at 1-888.415.4455 or send an email to If questions or concerns arise, please contact us. We’re here to help. 

Can I choose a custom set of knives?

Yes, of course! We have 10 straight edge and 4 wavy (serrated) edge knives you can choose from. Here is how it works. For every six straight blades selected you will receive one serrated knife of your choice. For instance, the minimum subscription set is comprised of 6 straight edged knives. 

Can I sharpen my personal knives?

Not really! We are sorry! You can only sharpen Mundial SMARTKNIVES. In fact, if you’re signed up as a customer with Mundial SMARTKNIVES, we will send you a Mundial Sharpening machine which you can use with your basic subscription. The set of 6 knives or more is included with your subscription! 

Can I have more than one set of knives?

Of course, you can! You can choose as many sets as you want as long as you keep all knives in use. In case any knife is not sharpening for more than 30 days you will be charged an idle knife fee. 

Can I sharpen serrated or wavy edge knives?

The system is designed to sharpen straight edged Mundial SMARTKNIVES exclusively. In fact, since you’re signed up as a customer with Mundial SMARTKNIVES, you don’t even have to worry about wavy edge knives anymore. Based on the set of knives you choose, you can receive free wavy edge knives with them once a year upon subscription renewal or every 700 sharpening of any straight edged blade, regardless of which knives you have subscribed 

What happens if I damage or lose a knife?

We understand that accidents happen. If the knife is lost, we will replace the knife for you at your cost. In case it has been damaged, should you not be at fault, it will be replaced free of charge. 

Can I use a sharpening steel on the knives?

We do not recommend sharpening your knives with a steel because it may offset the sharpening angle that can only be guaranteed when sharpened on our Sharpening Machines. However, if you do sharpen your knives with a sharpening steel, you may have to sharpen the knife on our Sharpening Machine to fix them and that may have you incur in double sharpening fees. Remember, it is so easy to use Mundial SMARTKNIFE Sharpening machines that you should not risk ruining your perfectly set edge by trying to sharpen them manually! 

When should I send back the used set of knives?

Just contact Customer Service and we will inform you how to proceed properly. 

What should I do if I can’t find all of the used knives to return?

Again, you don’t have to worry if you can’t find all the knives. Just contact our customer service and we’ll take care of it. 

When do I get charged for the service?

The knife rental service works on a subscription format. You are charged on a recurring basis and only on demand. That means we will charge you every time you sharpen one of our Mundial SMARTKNIVES. Bear in mind that Mundial’s sharpening machine was designed to communicate with our knives through IoT (Internet of Things)! That means you can only sharpen Mundial SMARTTKNIVES on our sharpening machine. And we will charge you only when you sharpen them! Do not try to sharpen any other knives as MUNDIAL Sharpening machines will not recognize them! Aside of that, our Smart Machine will detect that and charge you accordingly. Multiple attempts may even cancel your contract which would have you incur in a fine as well. 

How much does it cost to start the knife service?

The basic subscription costs US$60,00 per month and you choose 6 or more different blades of Mundial SMARTKNIVES along with the machine. There are no additional costs or any hidden fees. We will only charge you US$ 0.50 (per inch) when you sharpen a Mundial SMARTKNIFE. You can sharpen each knife as frequently as you deem necessary. 

Is shipping included?

Yes! All shipping expenses are included in the service. 

What happens when the sharpening wheel wears off?

No worries! Our smart sensor will notify us before the sharpening wheel wears to a point where it no longer can guarantee Mundial SMARTKNIVES specification. Each knife is always sharpened to a specific angle to assure smooth and precise cutting. Once the sensor built into the Sharpening Machine indicates that it is time to replace the sharpening wheel, we will contact you coordinated the replacement! 

What shipping service does Mundial SMARTKNIVES use?

Mundial SMARTKNIVES ships via the US Postal Service (USPS). The shipping address that you provide us with, must be a physical address that USPS delivers to. Please contact us if USPS delivery is not an option for you. 

How do you monitor the lifespan of each knife?

Mundial SMARTKNIVES are precision manufactured and each knife is rated with a given lifespan if they are properly sharpened on one of our Sharpening Machines. We will monitor, in real-time, the usage (wear) of each knife and by the time the knife reaches 90% of its rated lifespan, we will send you a new one, FREE of charge! 

Do you carry any other types of knives?

Yes. We carry many different styles of knives if you would like to choose your own custom set. Just log-in to our SMARTKNIVES platform and feel free to choose from our selection of knives. 

What is the phone number for Mundial SMARTKNIVES customer service?


What is the mailing address for Mundial SMARTKNIVES?

12401 Orange Dr. , Suite 136, Davie FL 33330 

If my business is not a restaurant, can I still get the Mundial SMARTKNIVES service?

Yes. Mundial SMARTKNIVES services a wide range of establishments including butcher shops, grocery stores, bakeries, caterers, cafes, institutional kitchens, sandwich shops, dining hall kitchens, hotels, pizzerias and more. If you need sharp knives all the time, we’re here to serve you. 

How do I cancel service?

Easy. Just log into your account profile and under the My Machine tab choose to cancel. Please bear in mind that the contract is signed for 24-month minimum with a yearly renewal. If you choose to cancel before the 24-month period is over, we will prorate a US$1,500 fee. After the 24-month period you can cancel anytime.! You will be instructed as to how to proceed to return the machine and the knives. If the Sharpening Machine is not returned, Mundial SMARTKNIVES does reserve the right to charge for it, and for shipping costs incurred to retrieve it. 

What kind of knives do you use?

All knives are Mundial SMARTKNIVES brand, manufactured in Brazil by Mundial S/A, with high-quality stainless-steel and composite plastic handles according to the most stringent German specifications, honoring our heritage! 

How often can I get knives delivered?

Mundial SMARTKNIVES offers such a high-quality service that based on our predictive algorithm we will make the knives you need arrive before you need them! Absolutely hassle free! But please, feel free to order any additional knives you may require free of charge! Just log-in our platform and select which set of knives you want. We will have them rushed to you at no time! 

Is it really cheaper to use Mundial SMARTKNIVES than to buy knives and have them sharpened outside?

Undoubtedly! Nowadays you have two options in the market. You either buy expensive professional knives and have them sharpened by a service or you rent knives that frequently are of cheap quality and will be sharpened by a service as well. In both cases you will be dependent on the logistics of your service supplier as well as the quality of the service itself. Cheap knives or even expensive ones and a mostly unreliable sharpening service do not really give you the peace of mind you need. 

Mundial SMARTKNIVES will provide you the peace of mind of having one of the best tools of the trade in your kitchen at your disposal. Even better, you can sharpen each knife to factory specifications on our Mundial Sharpening Machine assuring the excellent performance each knife was designed to have. The cost of the service throughout a year is by far lower than what you would regularly pay if you would buy comparable quality knives and have them sharpened by an outside service. If you’d compare Mundial SMARTKNIVES to cheap rentals, the value of our knives will proof far superior as well. In a nutshell, the value that Mundial SMARTKNIVES adds to a kitchen greatly exceeds the cost. 

  • Professional knife sharpening and blade sharpening ensures long-lasting sharp edges and increases the lifespan of your knives. 
  • Eliminate the inconvenience of purchasing or replacing knives 
  • Sharp knives at your disposal 24/7 
  • Much safer and cleaner than outsourced knife sharpening 
  • Minimize sharpening risks due to a safe sharpening machine 
  • Prevent food-borne illness that can arise from unsanitary kitchen cutting edges 
  • Consistency – with Mundial SMARTKNIVES you know that every knife in the kitchen is sharp all the time; that it has been sharpened to factory specifications! Your staff will love to be able to focus on the food preparation! 
  • Other Knife Costs – NEVER BUY KNIVES AGAIN; Mundial SMARTKNIVES eliminates all knife purchase costs, and costs of sharpening stones, machines and gadgets. Yes! We take care of everything, even the sharpening stone gets replaced for free!