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No ifs, ands, or cuts about it?we are the knife experts.


At Mundial we?ve cultivated a passion and understanding of the importance of a strong knife system within the hospitality business and have simplified the process to better optimize your team?s time and talent.


With 128 years in the cutlery market, not only producing knives but also investing in research on how to best maintain and maximize a knife?s lifespan at the hands of the industry?s most quick-wielding chefs, Mundial has developed an incredible solution to your knife needs: Mundial SmartKnives?!


A cut above the competition, Mundial SmartKnives? has started a revolution that provides hospitality leaders ? from restaurants owners and managers, to chefs and cookline associates ? absolute control and a better understanding of knife purchases, knife use, sharpening maintenance, overall product performance and 24/7 tech support.


In short, we supply the right knife assortment to foster your culinary team?s needs. The lifespan and wellness of these knives are managed by a propriety technology. We provide an easy-to-follow reporting system that allows you to best optimize your knife system.


In addition to an elite knife inventory and an in-house knife sharpening system, our team of dedicated professionals is committed to supporting your staff to ensure proper knife maintenance. We understand the fast-paced nature of the hospitality industry and can appreciate that sometimes a 9-to-5 support system just doesn?t cut it. Which is why Mundial SmartKnives? is a full solution in-house available to you 24/7.


Mundial SmartKnives? solution is perfect to give consistency between locations, provide the right knives to your staff, reach the performance you need, and have more time to do all the other tasks you have in your restaurant.


We cut out the guess work and cut down costs so you can focus on delivering flawless service to your guests.


*Patent pending.

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You handle the culinary excellence. We?ll handle the cutlery maintenance. Introducing Smartknives

No matter which way you slice it, Mundial SmartKnives™. is a one-stop-solution to cultivating culinary excellence and optimizing your kitchen productivity and profitability.


We provide high-quality smart knives with a technology-forward solution for sharpening and cost control. Our experts will outfit your team with a knife assortment to suit your needs and provide support to best educate your staff on being the best sharpening team in the market.???


Mundial SmartKnives™. members receive a set of high-quality knives made of German steel, along with a compact, and easy-to-use sharpener. The sharpener technology tracks the use and lifeline of each knife, prompting the team to sharpen in-house as needed, or alerting Mundial to replenish the knife as it approaches the end of its lifecycle. It?s a complete knife solution.


*Patent pending.

Ease of operation, convenience and efficiency

Cut out the guesswork, let us manage your knife program. A professional grade set of knives that complements your culinary program, an in-house sharpener, propriety smart knife reporting and knife replenishing are all included in your membership. This is our life, we mean, knife?s work.  Mundial has poured 128 years of knife manufacturing experience and technology into a simple to use, total knife solution program. And here?s how it works:

All your knives are included in your membership.

Connect your smart sharpener to your local wi-fi. Your sharpener is also included in your membership

We will support your team to be a sharpening master.

Knife is ready to get back to action in just about 30 seconds

See in real-time which knife was sharpened, and control your inventory and sharpening costs 24/7

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Our membership includes knives from 4? to 12? blades, and four serrated-edge knives, along with our state-of-the-art sharpening machine. Mundial SmartKnives™. are dishwasher safe and are produced with the same high carbon steel DIN 1.4116 used on Mundial?s top line ?respecting a tradition of over 128 years manufacturing world-class cutlery. We guarantee your kitchen will always have sharp, high-quality knives!


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We offer virtual and in-person live demos where you can see the Mundial SmartKnives™. system in action. You can also try the system risk-free for 30 days. Fill out this form and we?ll contact you about how we can help transform your kitchen.

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