Always perfect knives Available 24/7

Always Perfect Sharp Knives Available 24/7

?no more outsourcing the sharpening process?

?no renting cheap knives?

?no waiting for a batch of knives…

?no buying knives ever again?

?no hassles!


Most of us in the food and hospitality industries rent or buy knives and rely on knife sharpening companies to keep them sharp. But, within a few days our knives are dull again and we either sharpen them in house or suffer with lower productivity and higher risks.It?s an antiquated, inefficient, and expensive system that definitely needed to be modernized. But here?s the solution.

How it Works

It all starts with a Mundial SmartKnives membership.
Simply sign up online to become a Mundial SmartKnives member. ?Your membership includes high quality knives and a smart sharpener, Sharp knives available 24/7, Replenishing and replacement of knives at no cost and Full support.
Then, select the knives you want for your kitchen. There?s a wide range of professional knives to choose from?From small paring knives to the most convenient chef knives!

All of the knives are made of the highest quality German steel?and are included in your membership.
Once you made your selection, Mundial sends the knives to your door?along with this easy-to-use professional smart sharpener…

Let us show you how this groundbreaking system works!

Hidden inside the handle of the knife is a chip with breakthrough technology that is programmed to work with the knife sharpener. Just place the knife in the sharpener and it automatically sharpens it to the manufacturer?s recommended settings.  Just press the button?and quickly get a perfectly sharpened knife.  It?s that simple. Just check out the video below and see how we sharpen a 10-inch Chef’s Knife in less than 50 seconds:

The smart sharpener is equipped with Wi-Fi. It tracks each knife and provides key analytics, including:

-who used the knife

-when the knife was used

-how often it was used

-if a knife is being sharpened excessively

-and when it is time to replace a knife


When a knife reaches the end of its lifespan, the system recognizes that and automatically sends you a replacement. You don?t even have to ask. There are no additional fees because it?s all included in your membership.

The smart sharpener is equipped with Wi-Fi. It tracks each knife and provides key analytics, including:


And?if a knife gets lost or damaged?they?ll send you a replacement?no questions asked. Again, it?s another benefit of your membership.


Mundial SmartKnives tracks all of this information and sends detailed reports directly to your computer or mobile device, so you always have the latest information. This knowledge is invaluable in managing the productivity of your kitchen.

Take a minute to consider the advantages. Many restaurant owners, chefs and kitchen administrators don?t really keep track of how much they spend on knife rentals or outsourcing the sharpening. But, those expenses add up fast and take a huge bite out of your bottom line.


As a member, you only pay a small fee for the membership. Then, pay only for the knives you sharpen? and get a bill once a month.  In general, knives can be sharpened between 80 to 200 times?at a cost of just 50 cents per inch.


With this system, you finally have total control of your kitchen. You get high quality knives for your entire culinary team 24-7?


?no more outsourcing the sharpening process?


?no renting cheap knives?


?no waiting for a batch of knives


?no buying knives ever again?


?no hassles!




?Your membership includes high quality knives and a smart sharpener


?Sharp knives available 24/7


?Replenishing and replacement of knives at no cost


?Full support


So, ready to give the SmartKnives system a try?

Right now?you can get a free 30-day trial. You pay absolutely nothing. If you are not fully impressed but this revolutionary knife sharpening system?just cancel. AND? keep all of the knives. You have absolutely nothing to lose and everything to gain. That is how confident we are about this game changing system.

So, just to recap?with the Mundial SmartKnives membership you get?


?A set a professional knives made with high quality German steel


?a state-of-the-art smart sharpener that connects to Wi-Fi and provides detailed reports


?a chip that recognizes the condition of each knife and adjusts the sharpener accordingly


?perfectly sharpened knives 24-7


?replacement knives at no extra cost


?and total control of your stock by knowing who is using them, how they are used?and their current condition

Save money?increase productivity?and always have a full set of sharp, high-quality knives for everyone in your kitchen. Start your free 30-day trial of the Mundial SmartKnives system. Fill out this form and we’ll schedule your free demo!

We’re so sure Mundial SmartKnives will be a great fit for you, we’re giving you 30 days to try at no cost. just give it a try!

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